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Virtual Book Tour -- Day 7 (review #2)

Review of Tiny Angel by Ellis (Reviews and Life) Blog

After moving to a new town and feeling completely alone and bullied by her classmates, Macy discovers she has a guardian angel that she can see and talk to. This guardian angel gives her confidence where she lacks it and becomes the friend that she needs to make the transition to a new town.

I enjoyed reading this book. I think any child that moves around a lot would easily identify with Macy. She does not have an easy go of it in her new school and has difficulty making new friends. This is an encouraging read to any child who lacks confidence in their abilities. Macy is a smart child but lacks the confidence to stand up for what she thinks and knows.

I think that the author, Nancy Carty Lepri, added a few extra things in the last few chapters that could have been left out and not affected the storyline at all. I really did enjoy reading this and will recommend it to teacher friends of mine who have a student like Macy in their class who is dealing with moving to a new area or potential bulling in the classroom.

Thanks to Guardian Angel Publishing via Pump UP your Books for a free copy of this book for review.